This sign showed the importance of pollinators within Three Creeks Metro Parks. Within the sign there are different species of bees and butterflies!

This sign shows that the park has many different pollinators and they are very beneficial to the park. This sign is very good because it is eye catching with all the bright colors.

This sign shows that there is no hunting.

This sign is showing that there is no hunting within the park. The park wants to maintain a healthy population of animals for the general public to enjoy. This sign is good at catching eyes because of the two colors and the font it very big for the people to see.

Sign of regulations for fishing in the pond

This sign educates the public of what is allowed and what isnt allowed while being around the pond as well as fishing in the pond. This sign is good for the sake of it telling all the visitors the rules but the rules are relatively small in font.

Sign of white tailed deer, a squirrel, a duck, shagbark hickory, and a bur oak.

The reason i created this sign was because i have a great passion for wildlife. I love watching wildlife within parks because they sense no fear and feel no pressure from hunting or any other aspect of human disturbance. I observe the animal and plant interaction of feeding and it amazes me how beneficial trees are because of their nuts and fruits. The Shagbark hickory is very beneficial to the white tail deer because of its nut. The nut of the shagbark hickory is high in protein for the white tailed deer. As for the squirrel it utilizes the Bur oaks acorns as food to eat as well as store for the winter. The duck utilizes these trees as protection from the sun while outside of the water. I used bigger pictures for my sign because people are able to recognize the animals if they’re bigger. As for the trees i did a close up of the Bur Oak to show the leaves because itll be better for the public to identify the tree from the leaves. The Shagbark was used with the trunk because i wanted to show the public how shaggy it truly is. This sign was aimed to inform the public to not pick up anything that the tree has dropped because of the fact that wildlife uses the trees products.