Hi guys! My name is Shivani Raghavaraju.

I am currently studying Health Sciences at The Ohio State University. I have taken biology courses since high school, and this was my first introduction to understanding the lifecycle and plant life. I have always loved the outdoors and going on hikes, and have had a special interest in learning about the plants and flowers that surround me!

This is my coat of arms that describes who I am as a person! First and foremost, I love the sun and being outside. I love the serotonin boost that the sun gives me, so I am always outside going on hikes, running, or laying out. My motto in life is “live your life to the fullest”. I work as a resource PCA at the James Cancer Hospital which is part of the code team. I have been around a lot of death being in this position and have watched young and old people pass away. This is why I truly believe everyone should live their best lives because you do not know how much time you have on this planet. Next, I was born in Toronto, Canada but was raised in Hilliard, Ohio. Currently, I am a Health Sciences Major at The Ohio State University and am graduating this summer. After graduation, I am applying to graduate school to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

Thanks for coming to my page!