Hi all my name is Faith!

I am extremely excited to be in Ohio Biodiversity of Plants this semester and can’t wait to learn all about our green little (and big) friends here in the buckeye state! I would say that all of my hobbies involve being outside. That being said, one of my favorite Ohio plants is the black raspberry  (Rubus occidentalis) because there’s nothing better than stumbling on a bush of ripe berries while hiking. 

In my coat of arms  I have the town that I grew up in in Northeast Ohio. I have always enjoyed the biodiversity of plants that grow in the Great Lakes region. In my crest I also drew a tree. I probably spend too much time hanging out in their branches but I would say doing so is really what inspired me to go into the field of conservation. On the crest is also the saying, ‘go with the flow’ and that’s because I’ve realized you can really only do so much and at some point you have to be willing to accept the things that are completely out of your control.