Howdy, I’m Eva! Welcome to this website full of super cool plant facts and pictures brought to you by yours truly. Since we’re all bound to regress back into medieval times by the time 2020 is finally through, I’ve created a Coat of Arms to prepare! My dry sarcasm is going to be pretty frequent on this lovely site, so this is your first and only warning.

So here’s my Coat of Arms. Not too bad, right? I’ll admit, this took me way longer than it should’ve. We’ll start down in the bottom left and I’ll tell you about my hometown. My family moved to Ohio at the beginning of my second grade. From that point on, I spent my time growing up in Appalachian Ohio. This gave me many chances to play in the woods and practice wrangling snakes in our backyard (sorry, mom and dad). There’s not a whole lot to do in SE Ohio besides go on drives with your pals, but it was a great place to grow up nevertheless.

I’m currently a senior in SENR studing Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildife with a specialization in Forestry and Wildlife Management. I didn’t always think I would be interested in forestry, but I added it to my specialization during my freshman year because I thought it would be interesting. It also meant I didn’t have to take Chem 2… just kidding! But not really… Since then, I’ve grown to really love forestry management and forest ecology. You could say I’ve turned into one of those wacky tree people who you just really shouldn’t take on a hike if you want it to be a quick one. I guess I wouldn’t really be a tree person if I also didn’t have a favorite species. Mine happens to be the one that I chose for my header picture: the eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis). They’re so pretty in the spring, and their flowers honestly taste pretty good. Trust me, it’s safe.

My motto is “Perseverance is the (dichotomous) key.” Not only do I, unfortunatly, think I’m somewhat funny with science jokes, but I think this pretty accurately sums up the college experience. Man, college can be HARD. One day you think you’re on top of all your assignments, and the next day you’re flipping out. I think perseverance is one of the best qualities we can have.

Last, but certainly not least, is my subpar drawing of a mountain lion (Puma concolor). As I write this, I’m also looking into numerous grad school programs that have research projects pertaining to these stealthy dudes. I have a lot of experience working the various felids such as cheetahs, servals, ocelots, bobcats, and mountain lions. I’m really interested in population ecology and resource abundance, so that’s what I’m hoping to study!

When I’m not doing school work or other work related to my job or applications, I love to go hiking and birding. I always take a backpack full of ID books and just have fun nerding out in the woods. I can’t wait to be able to quickly ID more herbaceous plant species after this course. I also love cooking homemade meals for myself and those I care about.

Well, there you have it, folks. I hope you have a good time on my page, maybe learn a thing or two, and occasionally chuckle at my poor jokes and sarcasm (please chuckle). Go botany!